If you are wondering how to get your business on Google, there are many things that you need to consider. Google allows 750 characters for the description, but only displays 244 of them. Think of what information customers want to see, but avoid keyword stuffing. While listing descriptions are not considered ranking factors, they do play a role in converting visitors into customers. Avoid all-caps, emojis, and other gimmicky characters.

Search engine optimization

You can easily add your business listing to Google by creating it online. Once you have done this, you can add details such as your business name, service area, phone number and website to your Google account. You will also need to select a category for your business. This will help Google categorize and display your business. Once you’ve chosen a category, you can add your business information. The details you provide should be accurate and complete.

When creating a Google My Business profile, be sure to provide as much information as possible. Google has preset categories for almost every industry. The best tactic for optimization is to enter as much information as possible, without keyword stuffing or using all caps. It’s also important to list your actual local phone number, because this is one of the biggest signals of legitimacy. Enter call tracking numbers in the primary slot, and real local phone numbers in the secondary.

Verifying your business

There are many ways to verify your business on Google. Postcards are the most common method, but you can choose other methods based on your business. Once you’ve verified your business on Google, you can view your business information and interact with customers online. You can also manually check whether your business is verified by visiting your Google My Business account. In most cases, verifying your business on Google is free, but you can pay a fee to receive a postcard containing a verification code.

The first step in the verification process is to add a physical address and phone number. If you don’t have a physical address, you can add a virtual address or other evidence of your business. Make sure to turn off your answering system or front desk, and check the verification options. Verification takes five to 14 days. Once you have verified your business, you can view your business’s information online, including customer reviews.

Adding new locations in bulk

Adding new locations to Google My Business can be done in a few simple steps. Adding a single location is simpler than adding multiple locations. After the listing is completed, it’s necessary to optimize each one to make it stand out in search results. For businesses with less than 10 locations, the process can be even easier. If you’re adding more than one location, however, you may find the process to be a little cumbersome.

One way to ensure accuracy is to prepare a spreadsheet with all of the details for each location. You can then upload this spreadsheet to Google, verifying the data in it for each location. Once you’ve uploaded the spreadsheet, you should review it carefully for errors. You can also add existing locations to a group of their own to save time in updating each location’s data. Upon uploading the spreadsheet, you should check for errors so that the verification process can go smoothly.

Tracking results

If you want your business to show up in Google tracking results, you must set up a business profile. You can do this by providing your business’ name, phone number, website address, and a real physical address. Make sure you provide a physical address that isn’t a PO Box. This information is only used by Google to verify that the business is actually located at the address you have provided. You can get a postcard sent to you by mail if you operate a physical business. Email addresses are sufficient for service-area businesses.